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    I would like to thank Dr. Prasarn and his team for the operation he did to my mother, he took his time to explain everything he was going to do to my mother’s spine and how she was going to heal and not have the pain she was suffering on her back. He is highly recommend and his team are on point w...


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    Dr. Prasarn is terrific! Caring, listens, excellent surgeon. Fixed my sciatic leg pain which had been worsening for a year. Great team too - all staff are friendly and super helpful. Highly recommend.

    ~ Carina A ~

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    Absolutely outstanding, simply splendid, couldn't be better. Dr. Prasarn and entire staff are top notch.

    ~ Dave Stayshich ~

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    In January of 2022, my husband began experiencing back pain and discomfort down his leg. He was unable to do many of his normal activities that required walking or standing for any period of time. He was assessed by Dr Prasarn and a plan of care was developed. After completing the treatment, he h...

    ~ Susan Bayliss ~

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    Dr. Prasarn performed the first spine surgery on my husband in 2018. And most recently, in 2021 he saved my husband's life when he had a large spine abscess and sepsis. Dr. Prasarn is the best spine surgeon I have ever known. And I have been an RN for 41 years. In addition, his Internal Medicine kn...

    ~ Karla Driskell ~

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    From day 1 after the consultation Dr Prasarn, his team along with Kathy and her team who handles the billing, paperwork, scheduling were simply AMAZING. I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful experience. They made me feel as if I was the only patient in their care. The surgery went very wel...

    ~ David Ludlow ~

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    Very gifted, bright surgeon. Dr. Prasarn demonstrates a genuine concern in listening through the diagnose process and communicates well his plan moving forward with confidence. Can't recommend Dr. Prasarn high enough. Feel like I have my life back.

    ~ Vic Shealy ~

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    Great Doctor and team. This man took away 90%of my pain.

    ~ Baugwan 1 ~

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    Making an appointment with Letty who drives a Sante Fe (couple people same name) went above and beyond with helping us get previous MRI and records for Dr Prasarn to review so can schedule appointment. She volunteered to get up from her desk and walk down to pick up disk and personally bring us the ...

    ~ Valarie Edwards ~

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    I ended up injuring my back in May 2021 when I attempted to go back to the gym too quickly while rehabbing another surgical injury. My core wasn’t built up enough and I was lacking mobility through my hip complex. The injury initially had a throbbing sensation in my hip. I started physical ther...

    ~ Morgan Dean ~

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