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Dual Fellowship Trained
Hospital for Special Surgery University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester NY


Pediatric and Adult Deformity Surgery

Anterior and Posterior Spinal Fusion

Anterior and posterior approach – This approach is used in certain types of deformities. The first approach to spinal column is made from the front. The incision is made on the patient’s side, over the chest wall or lower down along the abdomen. Disc material between the vertebrae is removed. This procedure requires removal of a rib, which is later used for bone grafting.

After the anterior procedure the wound is closed and the patient is positioned for the posterior approach. The incision is made down the middle of the back. Hooks are attached to the back of the spine on the lamina, and screws are placed in the middle of the spine. After the placement of hooks and screws, a rod is bent and contoured into a more normal alignment for the spine and the correction is performed. After the final tightening, the incision is closed and dressed.
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